The Madras Sanskrit College established on 1-2-1906 has completed more than 108 years of its purposeful and successful working.

The objective of the college is to teach students in the Sastras dealing with Vedanta (Philosophy), Mimamsa (Righteous conduct), Vyakarana (Grammar), Sahitya (Literature), Jyotisha (Astronomy and Astrology) and Nyaya (Logic). The students on passing the examinations conducted by the University of Madras get the certificate of Siromani equivalent to Master of Arts (M.A).

The college has produced many profound scholars known and recognised all over the country for their erudition and outstanding teaching ability.

The college gets grant-in-aid from the Govt. of India at 95% of salary and allowances and 75% of the other expenses like repairs and maintenance. In spite of our best efforts we could not get assistance from the Govt. of India to cover all our expenses as some of the teaching staff could not be got included and the monthly expenditure on repairs and maintenance and provision of free board and lodging to the students in the hostel as stipulated in the Sri V.Krishnaswami Iyer Sanskrit Education Trust which runs the college. The total amount of items not covered by Govt. grant comes to about Rs.42.20 lakhs per year requiring a corpus fund of Rs.4. crores. The details in this respect are contained in the statement enclosed.

As directed by the Govt. of India the funds have to be kept in a nationalised bank, @ interest of 8% per annum.

We shall feel ever grateful to you for considering our request and extend your help as early as possible, taking into account the commendable service rendered by the college in the noble cause of preservation and propagation of our ancient culture and tradition.


Vedic and Sastric Pandits Sambhavana Lecturer's Salary
(Nyaya 2, Prak Siromani 2, Vedanta 2, Jyotisha 2, Vyakarna 2, Sahitya 2, Mimamsa 2,
Computer Education 1, Hindi 1 Including. Matching Grant for the Regular Professors)
Rs. 15,55,200/-
Non-teaching Staff Salary:
(Accountant and Security staff, Generator Operator,etc)
Rs. 4,00,000/-
Anna Dana Seva (Food and Boarding Expenses)
Vedic and Sastra Siromani Students
Rs. 6,60,000/-
Repairs and maintenance:
(Including , Generator ,Computer maintenance and Incidental Expenditure)
Rs. 5,50,000/-
Water and Electricity Charges Rs. 2,50,000/-
Matching grant to be borne by the Trust 5% of recurring Govt. grant:
(For the Regular Professors )
Rs. 8,00,000/-

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