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Dr. Hariharan, C. Director Digital Campus & Asst. Prof. in Sanskrit
Academic achievements: Krishna Yajurveda (Kramantam), Shri Sath Guru Sabha Vedapatashala., M.A Sanskrit Specialising Mimamsa (Sanskrit Siromani Madhyama), The Madras Sanskrit College in 2012., M.A Sanskrit Specialising Mimamsa (Sanskrit Siromani Acaharya), The Madras Sanskrit College in 2014.,, Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University TPTY., Hindi Bhasha Praveen, Private in 2011., Certificate in Manuscriptology, Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University TPTY in 2015., PhD research thesis finished and submitted, Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University TPTY in 2018.
Languages known: To read, speak and write - Sanskrit Devanagari, Sanskrit Grantham Lipi, Hindi, Tamizh and English.
Pursuing exam in Tenali Veda Vedanta Shastra Sabha in Mimamsa under mentorship of Brahmasri Maho Upadhyaya Dr Mani Dravid of Madras Sanskrit College.
Currently teaching Sanskrit and working as Director for Digital Campus in The Madras Sanskrit College
Teaching Sanskrit to few students who are studying Bridge course in Distance Education in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan.
Published articles in Journals.
Worked as Project Associate in Research & Publication In Venkateshwara Vedic University, Tirupati.
Extra Academic Credentials:
WON FOUR Gold Medals and ONE Silver medal in National Level Competitions organised by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Central Government) representing TAMIL NADU for the past consequent FIVE years consistently - In the last edition won Three gold medals in Mimamsa , 1 gold and silver medal for Puraana Itihaasa.
Participated and won many Prizes in the Inter-Collegiate Oratorical Competitions organized Vidya-Teertha foundation.
Presented Paper in Swadeshi Indology International conference - 2 in New Delhi.
Participated and won many prizes in Inter-Collegiate Quiz, Oratorical, Poetry writing, Essay Writing competitions held by various other institutions.
Participated in various seminars and workshops as a resource person and also for presentations.
Gave lecture recordings series for UGC.
Participated and acted in main roles in Sanskrit Dramas in college cultural.
Mobile: 9840623994