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Dasa Sloki discourse by Dr. K.S. Maheswaran

Lecture by Brahmasri Dr. K.S. Maheswaran Asst. Prof. Advaita Vedanta, Madras Sanskrit College on the occasion of Sankara Jayanthi in May 2019.


Chatussootri Saaram by Dr. Mani Dravid. Book release by Muralidhara swami

The second lecture in the series on Sankara Jayanthi 2019 celebrations conducted by the Madras Sanskrit College. Mahamahopadyaya Dr, Mani Dravid is one of our most respected scholars from our college. Also covers Siddhantha thraya Saaram book release by Guruji Muralidhara swamigal.


Annual day 2019 - Madras Sanskrit College

A video showing the Annual day 2019 celebrated at the College on March 16, 2019.


Ramo Vigrahavaan Dharmah - Lecture on Rama Navami day (Tamil)

Endowment lecture on Rama Navami day at the Madras Sanskrit College. Given by Dr. G. Suresh. Asst. Professor at the College for sahitya. Rama Vigrahavaan Dharmah-Rama is the embodiment of Dharma.


Balarama and Agriculture lecture by Dr R Parthasarathy

A lecture in English by Dr. R. Parthasarathy on Balarama the father of Indian Agriculture delivered at the KSRI campus delineates how agriculture developed in India with the help of Balarama, the elder brother of Krishna


Why should you learn Samskrt ?

This video explains why an Indian should learn the divine language Sanskrit. This has been endorsed by all our great leaders and thinkers this country has produced and many intellectuals abroad as well.


Lecture by Dr T P Radhakrishnan on eclipses (Tamil and Sanskrit)

A talk on eclipses by Dr. T.P. Radhakrishnan, Principal Madras Sanskrit College.


Lecture by Padmabhushan Sri. Nagaswamy at the MSC campus

A lecture on the life of Hindus during olden times by famous archaeologist Sri Nagaswamy (English based) delivered under the auspices of the KSRI Institute in the Madras Sanskrit College campus in April 2018


Madras Sanskrit College - A synopsis

A brief summary of the background and the work being done at the Madras Sanskrit College. This video was produced when the College opened its digital campus in March 2017. The digital initiative is now running successfully. Visit our campus at https://digital.madrassanskritcollege...


Pravesikaa online course - demo

This video is a short synopsis of our Pravesikaa online course. You can learn Sanskrit easily. 30 lessons. Takes six months to complete. Study at your own pace, wherever you are. Cost Rs. 3,000. The lessons come with animations, and a lot of pictures.


Sri Harsha the poet -lecture by Dr Mani Dravid

Lecture about the Sanskrit poet and playwright Sri Harsha by Dr. Mani Dravid at the Madras Sanskrit College on Jan 27th.


Maitreyi Brahmanam lecture by Dr. Mani Dravid

A lecture on Maitreyi Brahmanam by Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. Mani Dravid of our college recently at the Madras Sanskrit College campus.


Sarvagna Sankara - Sanskrit Drama

A play in Sanskrit enacted by the students of the Madras Sanskrit College during the Annual day in March 2019. The play depicts some key events in the life of Bhagvatpada Sri Adisankara. Watching this play one understands the greatness of Sri Sankara.